Living With Central Pain Syndrome

Life With Central Pain Syndrome - A Ben's Friends Patient Community

Admitting New Members on Discourse Platforms

Access the Admin Dashboard which is easiest found via the “hamburger” ☰ menu icon in the upper right of the screen.

Select: Admin - Users - Pending

Select: The Username you want to review to open the application details and Profile. It can be helpful to open in a new tab if possible so you can still view the list of Pending members.

Select: Show email to view email address of applicant.

Select: IP Lookup to run automatic lookup and check this is consistent with where the applicant states they are.

Both the email and IP can be copied if you want to make further checks on external websites such as, or other sites/search engines you use.

Review: Completion of User Profile questions.

Action: To Approve scroll down to Permissions and select Approve

OR from list of Pending members screen check box next to user name
and select either Approve User or Reject User

Approved new member/s will receive a system generated message asking them to follow a link to activate their account. Once they have done this they will also receive an automatic welcome message.

To send a personalised welcome message (only possible once the new member has activated their account) go to Admin - Users - New and click on the relevant User Name to bring up a function box with a Message option.

NOTE: Suspending (such as for Spammers) and blocking members is also done from the Permissions area