Living With Central Pain Syndrome

Life With Central Pain Syndrome - A Ben's Friends Patient Community

How To Broadcast

At long last we have group messaging set up and working. It has to be done by a staff member.
There are three methods:

A Standard message addressed to: trust_level_0. You can feature several posts, make announcements, or both. Everyone is now receiving a weekly digest email that summarizes the weeks activity

The BEST way to highlight a thread is to make a Post in a thread you want to feature and start the post with “@ trust_level_0” (no space between @ and trust_level_0

The third is to use “NEWS” Everyone can see the NEWS but only Admins can post. This category was set up specifically for fund raising and administrivia as well as community announcements. Create a thread as always just start the body of the thread with “@ trust_level_0” no space between @ and trust_level_0